Podcasting - media strategies put to work for corporate goals

Branding podcast (external communication)

Corporate podcasts allow you to engage professional and B2B audiences with approx. 20 minutes episodes rich in valuable industry-specific content, allowing clients' to target key stakeholders directly resulting in a strong brand voice where it matters. Brain Gain Group is a leading corporate podcast producer and publisher with a solid track-record in Danish market. Whether it is employee advocacy, branding, PR campaigns or native/branded content - podcasting is your gateway to reach the audience with quality content on-the-go.

Brand-driven podcast series starts at 15.000 DKK per episode.

Internal podcast (onboarding and change)

Internal corporate podcasting is an innovative and cost-effective way to setup communication of strategy and change to current and future employees. Internal podcast is custom-made for specific strategic outcomes, and the pricing is determined through agile contracting.  Podcast is an exellent media for developing proprietary organisational-learning resources for employees to be onboarded and to continually grow and develop the skills needed to succeed. Use cases for internal podcast are:

  • communication of strategy across the organization
  • increasing employee engagement by offering attractive career trajectories 
  • introducing new tools, methods and workflows to the organization


Client endorsements:  

"Brain Gain Group created the podcast series VOVESTYKKET [The Venture] for us as part of our strategy to enhance the visibility of ASE, targeting entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. It was important for us to get a product that reflected the Ase-brand and values, but at the same time was brave and with an edge. Brain Gain Group included us in the entire design process and demonstrated in-depth understanding of our strategy - we ended up having a product that fully meets our standards and expectations, and a product that we are happy and proud to have published and shared with our members."

- Lise Villefrance, teamlead marketing & loyalty at ASE

"Brain Gain Group came to us with an idea of using podcasting as a component of our member communication. After a successful pilot project, several departments within The Danish Society of Engineers have commenced using Brain Gain Group to develop and produce podcasts that engage and inspire the professionalism of our members, primarily technological knowledge workers. Brain Gain Group demonstrates great understanding of our brand ambitions and members and so their work continues to contribute to and develop IDAs brand in a meaningful way."

- Henrik Thamdrup, Head of Technology at IDA