engineering media &
learning experiences*


*WE SPEND OUR BRAINS working with knowledge
intensive-organizations to create media & learning 
concepts, products and services that sparks
curiosity and engagement. 




We help knowledge intensive-organisations across sectors communicate their expertise and know-how concisely. We do this by developing and producing new media concepts and products and entire universes of content.

We consult organizations to help them innovate and optimize their content flow in terms of podcasting, articles, video, events and media hybrids. 



Educators by


We use current research in interactive learning and Cognitive Learning Theory to inform and guide our development of learning processes, themes and universes. Combined with storytelling and a journalistic approach, this enables us to maximize learning outcomes.

We select and synthesize media components that produce optimal learning outcomes and always focus on individual progression and differentiation. We draw on podcast, video and animation components to make hybrids that feed into and enhance learning and educational processes.